Personne Virtuelle

Personne Virtuelle

Other party 28 years, female, French speaking, 3 children
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The legal retirement age should be increased from 65 to 67 years.


Nuclear power plants must be banned from our territory.


Islam can be assimilated in Belgium today.


Unemployment allocations should diminish according to the duration of unemployment.


My pension should not be paid by the next generation.


Sooner or later, Flanders must become an independent country.


Salaries indexation should remain automatic, regardless of the unemployment rate in Belgium.


We must repeal the right of homosexual couples to adopt children.


We must organize the prisons so that prisoners can pay their stay by working.


All public representatives must be required to report all incomes (including benefits in kind) from the services provided.


The gap between officials statute and private sector contracts should be suppressed.


The tax deductibility of notional interest (i.e. for venture capital) should be abolished.


In general, sanctions against criminal offenses should be more dissuasive.


The conditions for obtaining a residence permit must be still more severe.


To increase the presence of women in leadership positions, new measures of positive discrimination in their favor should be set up.


Euthanasia should be extended to people suffering from dementia, who have made such a request before their illness.


The assets exceeding one million should be subject to a 'tax on millionaires'.


The territory of the Brussels-Capital region should be extended to the six municipalities "with facilities".


Belgium must establish binding referenda at population initiative.


The tax deduction must be abolished for company cars partly used for private purposes.


The taxation of less than 1000 euros/month incomes must be suppressed (even if it must be compensated with other taxes).


Europe should be split into two parts, so that countries like Belgium could join economically strong countries seeking closer and reinforced cooperation.


State bonds should be reserved for infrastructure projects (roads and buildings).


Places in the electoral lists should no longer be taken into account ; the only criterion should be votes for the candidates themselves.


Doctors should always be able to invoke the conscience clause and refuse their cooperation to a medical procedure that is opposed to their beliefs.


The State must be able to monitor, even without proven suspicion, private communications (telephone, GSM and internet).


Any person who, in good faith, reports crimes to the authority must be protected.


The health mutual insurance should not cover more than the price of the less expensive drug.


Sanctions against doctors providing medical certificates of convenience should be strengthened.


Personal use of soft drugs should be punished.